Welcome to Psychology as a Science. You can find all the course materials, such as lecture slides, lecture handouts, and practical worksheets listed on this page.

Lecture material

Week 01

Lecture 1: Introduction

Handout for Lecture 1 of PAAS, School of Psychology @ UniSussex

Week 02

Lecture 2: Philosophy of Science

We try to answer the question: 'What is this thing called "science"?'

Week 03

Lecture 3: Approaches to Research

Here we cover some approaches to you take to answering research questions. We’ll cover qualitative and quantitative methods and briefly discuss methods like computer simulation and formal methods

Week 04

Lecture 4: Quantitative research

In an almost 60 slide-long lecturepalooza, we take you on a road trip through quantitative research design, measurement, and variables. That’s value for money, that!

Quantitative research, measurement, and variables

Practical worksheets

Week 02

Getting setup and algorithmic thinking

Algorithmic thinking

Week 03

Working with R Project files

In this practical we’ll learn about how to work with R Project files, how to organise our files, and how to specify file paths

Week 04

R Markdown

Wiriting documents using R Markdown

Week 05

Writing and running code in R Studio

When to use the console and when not to? How do I include R code in R Markdown? How is R code executed anyway?

Week 06

Data stuctures and assignment

Playing around with vectors and tibbles